Sunday, 5 April 2015

At last!!

At last indeed!  I was hoping to get many more blogs written by now but you know that thing called life? and how it always comes up and gets in your way when you've planned your days and your week?  Well, it happened as always but this time I have a good reason  - honest!

My lovely daughter gave birth to my wonderful grandson on Feb 22 - a beautiful 9lb boy who is named Frey and I love him to bits even though I can't get to see him as often as I would like.  I found it rather strange becoming a grandparent - always said I was far too young (still am!) but I've got over all that now for he is, of course, the most beautiful baby ever born!

Anyway, on top of all that I decided I just had to clear out this so called office of mine.  My friend John the Builder was here for a long long time refurbishing my bathroom and downstairs loo. Rooms were cleared to make space for the white goods to be upstairs for John to fit them and a lot of 'stuff' found its way into my room.  Bathroom and loo now complete and looking wonderful, bedrooms back together and now my room is back to a more proper workroom/office - space for making things, packing things, storing things and papers - just fab!!

So then I thought I deserved a holiday! - actually it had been booked for some while as it was the first of my three yearly holidays to the Red Sea for a spot of scuba diving.  Oh how I love scuba diving, under the water I am weightless, can swim without pain, see the most amazing creatures and corals in colours you could not imagine. Here's a couple of pictures of an Eagle Ray from a dive a couple of years ago :

This ray came up from below and swam alongside, seeming to just look at me and then swim away knowing I was not a threat.  I am very blessed that I am able to see such amazing creatures.

Now I'm back, tan is fading, and my mind is turning, at long last, to my website and a re-working of it. 

Lily Maud Vintage has been up and running for just about a year.  Less than one quarter of the items I actually have for sale have found their way onto the site; most are stored carefully in poly boxes in my garage which John the Builder kitted out for me.  I have been lucky that a number of items have sold and I so enjoy wrapping my sold items as carefully as I can and popping them in the mail, I miss many of them when they are gone!

However, as a person I thrive on change and so Lily Maud Vintage is now going to have a couple of changes made to the front page.  I have had some really good feedback from some of my fellow Nostalgianeers from Pretty Nostalgic so have been on to my long suffering website designer Rhys and he is going to put it all in the right order for me.  Thought I'd just run a few of them by you and see what you think so, if you have a comment/advice/anything to say then contact me at: or the feedback via the blog.  

I'd be really pleased to hear from you!

Basically though, this is what I hope will happen : The two panels on the left hand side of the landing page will be combined to make a 'Welcome and About'; the name will be changed to Lily Maud Vintage Store so it will be clear that it is a shopping site; the information at the bottom will be deleted and the Ts&Cs, P+P, your basket etc. moved to the top to join the shopping categories; the sliding pictures will become a static picture as I've been told they are a little confusing and make the page too busy. Free postage will be highlighted somehow too as I think it is important for people to know that the price you see is the price you pay.  So, what do you think of that then? Please let me know - good or bad - I have thick skin and am asking you to be honest with me!!!

So I'll leave you with that thought and go off to make a chocolate cake for Easter tea!  Next blog will be on Pretty Nostalgic and will available very soon. 

Happy Easter blog followers!

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