Wednesday, 19 November 2014

-and along came the shop!

Lily Maud's retail presence came via Kay's Eclectic Vintage (KEV) via a Pop-up shop in the High Street Arcade in Cardiff one Christmas a number of years ago (probably 5!).

KEV was invited to join by the lovely ladies (who Bryn calls 'The Dreadfuls'!) from Joie de Vivre and had a great time in the upstairs gallery.  It was amazing how many people came to Cardiff for a shopping weekend and Bryn met so many people from all parts of the UK and beyond.

By it's very name, the pop-up shop had limited life, but The Dreadfuls managed to lease a shop in the Royal Arcade in Cardiff and KEV joined them, leasing the small first floor.

Precious things in cardboard boxes arrive in the Royal Arcade Shop

Cardboard boxes arrived first, closely followed by larger items to be used for display - you can just see the edge of a 1930s dressing table in the top left hand corner of the picture above.

Here you can see the dressing table without its mirror and, if you compare this picture with the one above, you will get an idea of how small a space Bryn had! 

Yet more 'stuff' to be organised!

Surprisingly, Bryn didn't take too long to sort out her vintage lovelies :

A beautiful up-cycled vintage dresser :

The same dresser :

now with vintage china and some Victorian/Edwardian jelly moulds in the bottom right hand corner.

Then the 1930s dressing table dressed with vintage items :

note the mess at the side still to be sorted!

And here's the 1930's wardrobe which goes with the dressing table, along with a shelf, just being sorted! Bryn's still has this wardrobe if anyone is interested!

Of course it did all become a quite cosy vintage shop and Bryn loved working there for three days each week for just over two years.

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